Our Story……is a journey, one that has taken many years to reach and one that will be ongoing. For me, the realisation of the importance of health, wellness, happiness, calmness and all that soothes the soul has bought me to this point, the creation of The Organica Emporium.

I have finally discovered (without guilt) that there is nothing more soothing than knowing you are doing right by yourself. In a world of hustle and bustle there is an ever increasing need to stop, to be calm, to centre and to enjoy goodness, whether that be in a brief moment, a simple gesture or time of self-indulgence.

The Organica emporium is a little emporium that has been created where you can shop a curated selection of some of the finest natural and organic beauty brands and products from both internationally as well as home grown. Products that are unique, indulgent, decadent and luxe, they are products that deliver visual beauty but most importantly exceptional results, products that are good for you as well as our planet.

Remember to take a little time for yourself, to relax, replenish and unwind  Xxx