"All about Absolution"

The Absolution range is designed to restore, maintain and protect the skin’s natural ecosystem, to help keep it in optimum condition. Our formulas work to rebalance stressed skin and provide the most effective nutrients and antioxidants to slow the effects of time. Working in bio-affinity with the skin, they deliver visible results from the very first applications.

Absolution products let you rediscover your skin’s original beauty by helping to restore its natural ecosystem and bring it back to its optimum condition.

Developed from certified-organic or wild plant extracts, minerals and vitamins, Absolution’s formulas combine delicate textures with subtle scents, ease of use and pure performance.

Chemicals may try to imitate nature, but never quite succeed… That’s why Absolution has always focused on natural ingredients, to offer even better results than conventional products while respecting your skin, your health and the planet.

Absolution has offered a different approach to beauty, aimed at all those for whom Quality, Effectiveness, Honesty, Ecology and Creativity are not simply marketing concepts. We love to create effective, attractive products that bring a little beauty into our lives. Helping you to achieve and maintain beautiful, healthy skin is our small contribution to making the world a better place.We want to give you a precious gift: the best of nature, skilfully and generously crafted, like the finest ingredients prepared by the finest chef…